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massage enhancements

give yourself a mini spa day ...

add reflexology OR a 20 minute spot massage to any service


CBD spot treat enhancement 

~spot treat targeted areas of pain with medicine woman cbd.  This can be added to any massage.


élan massage 

Aromatherapy Intensive Massage

80 minute/144.

100 minute/183.

~this aroma intensive treatment is designed to kick start the immune system and stimulate lymph drainage. We begin with an application of warm, rich oil followed by hot towel compressions.

A special anointing ritual prim​es the lymphatic system and calms the nervous system with pure essential oils massaged into reflex zones on the feet.

Moving up the body, we anoint areas on the spine which control and balance energy flow.

We finish with a slow, deep integrating massage using iPlay body essence to sooth and relax.

CBD Massage 

50 minute/145.

80 minute/197.

100 minute/250..

~ This is a full body CBD massage using Medicine Woman CBD.  Your therapist will discuss your massage needs and customize your massage accordingly.

Medicine Women’s team of specialists includes Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Medical Cannabis Experts, Nutritionists and Alternative Health Practitioners. These integrative teams evaluate health issues and design targeted protocols to promote personal healing.   

chakra balancing massage

80 minute/144.

100 minute/183.

~ a choreographed massage using seven uniquely blended oils designed using the finest natural and organic ingredients. Each oil is vibrationally attuned to one of the seven basic chakras and their corresponding colors, and each will nourish different aspects of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

seasonal massage

80 minute/144.

100 minute/183.

~ full-body fusion massage combined with aromas & enhancements designed for each season

fusion massage

50 minute/98.

80 minute/135.

100 minute/175. 

~ experience each of our massage modalities weaved together throughout this full-body massage 


deep therapeutic massage

50 minute/98.

80 minute/135.

100 minute/175.

~ for all the muscles that hold your tension, this massage is designed to use a variety of intensive deep work to target, break up, and ease muscle tension. A perfect post-fitness recovery!

light restorative


50 minute/89.

80 minute/127.

100 minute/169.

~ a soothing therapeutic massage intended to gently relax you and restore wellness and balance through the use of slow, light massage techniques

lomi lomi massage

80 minute/135.

100 minute/175.

~ a Hawaiian based massage, using rhythmic strokes designed to reduce tension and restore balance

nurturing prenatal


50 minute/98.

80 minute/135.

~ a nurturing full-body massage, uniquely designed to target areas of discomfort that accompany pregnancy. A light to medium pressure supports and relaxes the expectant mother. This massage is for those past the first trimester.

spot treat


20 minute/40.

~ intended to target one area of muscle tension per spot treat. This allows the therapist to focus on one area and use a variety of techniques to break up muscle tension while building up the surrounding muscles that support the area


complete reflex

80 minute/140.

foot reflex

25 minute/51.

50 minute/98.

25min add-on to any service/40.

hand reflex

25 minute/49.

~ by stimulating targeted pressure points, the therapist helps alleviate pain and tension throughout the body. This treatment promotes good health and aids in preventing illness as well as soothing stress and discomfort. It supports the circulatory system, boosts the immune system & provides overall relaxation.