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élan massage 

>>> We use only clean, organic massage oils, essential oils & CBD oils in our massages <<<

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CBD Massage




*A full body CBD massage using Medicine Woman CBD oil*

Your therapist will discuss your massage needs & customize your massage accordingly.

Medicine Women’s team of specialists includes Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Medical Cannabis Experts, Nutritionists & Alternative Health Practitioners. These integrative teams evaluate health issues & design targeted protocols to promote personal healing. Together they have formulated the best CBD massage oil available on the market to target pain, promote relaxation & alleviate tension.   

LED Massage 



CBD add-on/40.  

This is a full body LED massage using the LightStim for Pain belt. The pain belt will be moved to different parts of your body for the entire length of the massage. Your therapist will discuss your massage needs with you & customize your massage accordingly.


>Relieves pain naturally

LightStim for Pain emits light energy that reduces inflammation & increases circulation. This increased circulation accelerates your body's healing process by delivering oxygen & nutrients to tissues in need of repair, while the reduced inflammation helps to naturally reduce pain.

>FDA cleared

LightStim for Pain is FDA cleared to temporarily relieve arthritic pain, alleviate a variety of minor aches & pains, relax muscles & increase blood circulation. You can use it for post-workout soreness, accidents & sports injuries, backaches, arthritis, & to speed the healing of cuts, abrasions & bruises.

>Clinically proven results

This non invasive & chemical-free treatment has numerous medical & university studies showing no negative side effects.  LED Light Therapy was originally used by NASA for wound healing in space. Today it is used by doctors to accelerate healing, diminish bruising, & reduce post-op swelling & redness.  LightStim for Pain has been clinically proven to be safe & effective.

Chakra Balancing Massage 




A choreographed massage using seven uniquely blended oils designed with the finest natural & organic ingredients.  Each oil is vibrationally attuned to one of the seven basic chakras & their corresponding colors, & each will nourish different aspects of your physical, emotional, & mental well-being.

Intuitive Massage 




Your therapist will use intuitive techniques combined with aromas & enhancements and a pressure customized individually to your needs.

This aromatherapy intensive treatment is designed to kick start the immune system & stimulate lymph drainage.  Your massage will begin with a special anointing ritual to prim​e the lymphatic system & calm the nervous system with pure essential oils massaged into reflex zones on the feet.

Your massage therapist will proceed with a slow, deep integrating massage using essential oils and hot towel compressions to sooth & relax.  

If you prefer no aromatherapy you can opt out.  Please advise your therapist prior to your treatment.

Nurturing Prenatal Massage 



A nurturing full-body massage, uniquely designed to target areas of discomfort that accompany pregnancy.  A light to medium pressure supports & relaxes the expectant mother.  This massage is for those past the first trimester.

Spot Treat Massage


CBD add-on/25.

Intended to target one area of muscle tension per spot treat.  This allows the therapist to focus on one area & use a variety of techniques to break up muscle tension while building up the surrounding muscles that support the area.


foot reflexology



25min add-on to any service/70.

reflexology complete treatment  (hands, ears, feet)


CBD add-on/25.

By stimulating groups of nerve endings, the therapist helps alleviate pain & tension throughout the body.  This treatment promotes good health & aids in preventing illness as well as soothing stress & discomfort.  It supports the circulatory system, boosts the immune system & provides overall relaxation.


Series of Six 15 min sessions/420.

Six 15 min sessions with complementary foot massage for each session.

Great for treating scars as well as to target areas of pain on a deeper level. You will be given one CBD kit for home use at the start of this series.