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clean and natural nails

to keep our nail services non-toxic, clean and natural we use zoya nail polish (big 10-free), bio seaweed gel (big 5-free), Body Bliss Intentional Aromatherapy (organic) and Medicine Woman CBD

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the CBD 

soak in CBD, magnesium salt soak, nails cleaned, scrub, cbd massage and polish.  Our CBD is from Medicine Woman and is a high-potency, organic, full spectrum cbd blend with essential oils.  This blend targets tired muscles and joints.

fingers                40min/69.

toes                    45min/81.

the seasonal 

a luxurious spa manicure and pedicure designed to complement the current season 

spa manicure      40min/44.

spa pedicure       60min/64.

combo               95min/105.

the classic

a classic nail service- nails cleaned, scrub, massage and polish 

manicure            25min/34.

pedicure             45min/51.

combo                70min/82.

the basic

the most basic, quick option- nails cleaned and polished

manicure             20min/27.

pedicure              25min/39.

combo                45min/64

the naked manicure

the NAKED MANICURE from Zoya is a simple, highly effective system that will give you instant, gorgeous natural looking nails. It also provides intense therapeutic, long term benefits for stronger, healthier nails.

manicure            40min/47.

pedicure             45min/50.

the rockstar

glam, glittery nails- a high shine, glitter gel 

fingers                45min/80.

toes                    45min/90.

gel polish

using big 5-free gel polish- nails cleaned and polished 

manicure            40min/46.

pedicure             45min/58.

removal              15min/17.

french polish application

Fingers add -on/7.

toes add     -on/9.

polish refresh       10min/12.

the little's

for the little ones (12 & under) a simple manicure and pedicure- nails shaped, quick massage and polish

manicure             15min/19.

pedicure              20min/26.