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Organic facials

>>> Using certified organic skin care, all facials at spa élan include thorough skin analysis, cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions, treatment &/or masque, facial massage, hand, arm, neck and scalp massage

(excluding quick fix or quick peels facials)

80minute facials include a foot treatment <<<

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LED LightStim options

LightStim Benefits:

~Minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles

~Helps optimize skin function

~Tones the skin

~Calms and reduces redness

~Works synergistically with other treatments

and ingredients for better results

~Produces a radiant glow

~Increases blood circulation

~Accelerates recovery

~Reduces and relieves pain

~Destroys P. acnes bacteria 

LED Anti-Aging Pro Panel with complementary foot massage 15min 


LED Anti-Aging Pro Panel Add-on 15min

Pro Panel application added to any service.  Includes complementary foot massage.


LED Anti-Aging Pro Panel Add-on 10min 

During any service (no foot treatment included)

LED Anti-Aging Pro Panel Series of 5 

15 min sessions with complementary foot massage each session

LED light treatments are best when done with consistency.  Save by purchasing a series for best results.


LED Anti-Aging Pro Panel Series of 10

15 min sessions with complementary foot massage each session

LED light treatments are best when done with consistency. Save by purchasing a series for best results.


LED + CBD Facial 80min

Ambika CBD Facial paired with the Anti-Aging Pro Panel.



Ambika CBD Facial 



Using ayurvedicly balanced products, this facial is calming and nourishing to the skin.  Rich turmeric root and pomegranate fruit extracts are high in antioxidants to protect against free radical damage and environmental pollutants.  Soothing calendula extract, aloe juice and macula oil calm irritations and leave your skin feeling balanced and clarified.  

Colorado-grown hemp is incorporated into every formulation as a powerful wellness ingredient that is completely natural and bioavailable with a full profile of terpenes and adaptogenic cannabinoids.

Ambika herbals works with carefully selected botanicals to increase the potency of their formulas and to support regenerative agriculture.  Crafted during the waxing moon phase, their products are made in tune with the biorhythms of nature and provide you with auspicious rituals for every day self care.

* Organic and wild harvested herbs are solar infused for a fun lunar cycle *Full spectrum hemp

skin types:

> all 





DNA Organic Facials

organic seasonal facial

50 minute/108.

80 minute/144.

an organic facial customized for each individual's skin concerns. Designed with aroma's and enhancements relative to the current season  

skin types:

> all (customized)


> treats the skin with the current season in mind

> great way to try different facials as the facials differ from season to season

cryo-stem cell facial

50 minute/168.

the DNA CryoStem Cell Therapy serums encompass every element and constituent of skin: collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, DNA, RNA(i), fibroblasts, lipids and embryonic stem cell technology. The serums also contain vital nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acid, amino acids and antioxidants

post-peel cryo-stem


(received 7 - 14 days after one of our peels)

skin types:

> oily and combination

> dry/mature.



> balances oily skin condition

> diminishes enlarged pores

> refines uneven skin texture and scarring


> helps tone and firm to reduce skin tissue laxity

> provides intense hydration

> diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

> leaves skin moist and supple

> extremely effective for rosacea

> relieves skin dehydration and dryness due to aesthetic procedures

medi-C facial

50 minute/108.

DNA’s anti-aging treatments Medi-C™ will promote a polished, even skin tone, increase collagen production & as reported by the FDA, help rebuild health skin tissue 

skin types:

> all


> polishes, brightens & evens the skin tone

> anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory

> according to the FDA tissue re-builder increases collagen production 

acne rescue facial

50 minute/114.

a deep cleansing, yet soothing facial for acneic skin. Provides the skin with relief from the effects of acne    

skin types:

> acneic


relief from inflammation and irritation caused by acne

> deep cleansing

> aids in managing acne flareups 

the quick fix facial


this facial is customized to your skin's needs. We will focus 25min on your main area of concern. Great for a lunch time escape!


lacto-ionic peel

50 minute/114.

80 minute/154.

a mild, non-irritating naturally occurring human metabolite. Removes outer layers of thickened or damaged skin  

skin types:

> most- including sensitive and rosacea


> improves hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, photo damaged skin, enlarged pores & rosacea

glyco-ionic peel

50 minute/123.

80 minute/169.

derived from its natural source of sugar cane thus less chance for irritation or complications. Penetrates the epidermis stimulating new growth of skin and collagen. Leaves behind layers of clearer, smoother skin

skin types:

> extremely sensitive skin


excellent for treating photo damage, fine lines, enlarged pores, acne 1 & 2, hyperpigmentation, dull complexion & ingrown hairs

sal-ionic peel

50 minute/139.

80 minute/185.

an excellent pore cleanser that is oil-soluble and therefore able to penetrate sebum filled pores. This peel is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial  

skin types:

> acneic


treats acne, fine lines, scarring, melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

jesner peel

50 minute/170.

DNA's LYCO-IONIC JESSNER PEEL™ combines Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, L-lactic Acid, Red Wine and Lycopene (a powerful anti-oxidant derived from watermelon seeds) to provide a very noticeable and effective exfoliation. Jessner peels are deeper than AHA peels due to the combination and strength of the peeling agents

*Requires one full week from application to completion

skin types:

all except sensitive and dry acne skin types


treats photo damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines & scarring 

the flip side

50 minute/98.

quick fix facial

25 minute/65.

in our DNA back facial we incorporate everything we do for the face... on your back        

don't have time for a full facial? Give your skin a quick pick me up. We cover all the bases and customize the service based on your skin's immediate needs

quick peels:

lacto-ionic quick peel

25 minute/70. 

glyco-ionic quick peel

25 minute/80.

sal-ionic quick peel

25 minute/90.

quick peel series

*pricing varies 

we recommended our quick peels to be done in a series of six. In six weeks of peels you will see a dramatic improvement in your skin (plus..your sixth peel is complementary). A DNA Maintenance Facial is recommended before and after the series. Can be performed as a single service for and instant glow

don't have time for a full facial? Give your skin a quick pick me up. We cover all the bases and customize the service based on your skin's immediate needs

facial add-ons:

peel to neck, chest & hands


hand or foot treatment


tandem reflexology